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What To Add To Smoothies For Energy [Recipes Included]

We have all had those days when we wake up feeling like we need about 18 coffees just to get going. We are more tired than usual and cannot always tell why.

Maybe you didn’t sleep well, or yesterday was extra tiring. Maybe you have fatigue and need a pick-me-up to get you moving. 

What To Add To Smoothies For Energy

If you feel a little extra drained in the morning an energy smoothie might be just what the doctor ordered. But, what do you put into your smoothie to give yourself that extra energy boost? 

There are a few options for you, and that is exactly what we will talk about today. 

So, if you are yawning, tired, and want some help before you face the world, keep reading! 

What Are The Best Things To Add To Smoothies For Energy?

There are several things you can add to a smoothie to give you an energy boost, let’s take a quick look at some of the top options you can choose from. 

Always remember to be aware of your body’s needs when you are low on energy. Sometimes we may simply need a glass of water, or a boost in our sugar levels to get us feeling ready to face the world.

So, make sure you are familiar with your needs before you choose any specific energy-boosting food.

Leafy Greens

spinach - the perfect thing to add to smoothies for energy

Leafy greens are very nutritious, they are packed with fibers, proteins, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Some favorites include spinach, kale, parsley, and even bok choi! All of these and more can add plenty of delicious benefits to your smoothies. 

When paired up with fruits and berries, you may not even taste them either, which will make the smoothie delicious and an energy booster! 

Leafy greens will give you a boost of vitamins A, K, C, and B, and also iron! Our favorite choice is baby spinach which will give you all the above and tastes rather mild. 

However, if you do not like leafy greens, then try using a greens powder instead.



Seeds can be a great option, they are often fibrous and have plenty of protein in them as well. However, with seeds always ensure you know how much nutrition is in them, allowing you to portion them right. 

Flax seeds and chia seeds (more on them later)  are great choices for additional protein. 

Seeds also often have a good amount of healthy fats as well. 

Overall you could choose from flax, chia, pumpkin, poppy, hemp, sesame, sunflower, or pomegranate seeds.

Pine nuts and quinoa are also awesome choices. If you don’t fancy these in your smoothie, why not turn them into a smoothie bowl and enjoy them as a delicious topping? 



Most of us are aware that nuts are a very healthy option, packed with energy, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. This is why it is great to add them to your smoothies.

Almonds are a great choice, and you can even get them pre-chopped to save you so much prep. 

However, if you do not use pre-chopped nuts, it is best to soak a handful of nuts overnight to allow them to soften up before you pop them in your blender.

It will save your blender and some tiresome chopping.



It might seem unorthodox when we say to put spices in your smoothies, however, we aren’t going crazy, we swear! When we say spices, we don’t mean you should be adding paprika or chili flakes into your smoothies. 

The spices we are talking about include cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg, and turmeric. These spices can blend fairly well into a smoothie and bring it to life.

Not only this but, these spices also have plenty of health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants so you feel great and your body benefits all the same! 

We recommend cinnamon most of all, but then again, we love cinnamon anyway!


wheatgrass powder

Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted leaves of the wheat plant used as a drink, food, and also dietary supplement. It is not a bad idea to add some of this to your smoothies as it will give you an energy boost, however, it also gives you more. 

Wheatgrass contains amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, all to help balance your body and make you feel as good as new!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds

We mentioned chia seeds briefly earlier, but we want to talk about them more. You see, these seeds are pretty cool!

They are so awesome they can absorb up to 10 times their size in fluids!

This means that when you eat them, they can slow down the conversion of carbohydrates, which helps to regulate your blood sugars. 

Because chia seeds allow for a slower release of carbohydrates, it makes it easier for you to balance out your energy throughout the day. How cool is that?!


It doesn’t sound appetizing, and if we are honest, it doesn’t taste it either. However, if you can cover the taste with some yummy berries, spirulina can work its magic on you. Spirulina is especially good for a tough workout or a hard day at a manual job. 

Spirulina is high in iron, vitamins B1 and B2, and more. High iron, can help your body produce more energy and with those good-for-you B vitamins, your body can convert carbs into energy. We highly recommend spirulina for pre-workout and post-workouts or for those who are just feeling extra drained. 

Fun fact: Spirulina can also work well for women who suffer from bad PMS symptoms. 


bananas - perfect to add to smoothies for energy

Love bananas? Us too! There are endless reasons to include bananas in your smoothies, their taste is, of course, a bonus. Bananas contain vitamins C and B, fiber, potassium, and even antioxidants.

However, bananas go one step further and provide your body with the carbs it needs. They are low in GI, so adding them to a smoothie gives you extra energy!

Also, if you have a bad stomach, or suffer from a bit of digestive unrest, eat a banana or two! Not only are they great for energy, but they are your GI bacteria’s best friend! 

Maca Powder

Maca powder

This one is a little less well-known superfood. Maca Powder is made from the ground-up root of the maca plant, which is a Peruvian cruciferous vegetable.

The powder packs endless antioxidants and nutrients which are not only great for giving you an energy boost when you most need it but helps with mood and brain function as well!

Can You Put Coffee In A Smoothie?

When most of us think about smoothies, we do not tend to think about putting some coffee grounds in there. However, coffee can go in smoothies.

You can add some coffee grounds into your smoothie, of course, being mindful of what other ingredients you include. 

It will give your smoothie a coffee-like taste, and will add that morning dose of caffeine you know you need before a long day! 

What Nutrients Provide Energy?

If you are not familiar with the nutrients that provide your body with energy, we are here to tell you just what you need to be thinking of before you start making your smoothies

Carbohydrates are one of the 6 primary nutrients, and they are the main source of energy, however, this does not mean you should be eating 18 potatoes when you need an energy boost!

Carbs include starches, fibers, and sugars, which are all necessary for healthy body function. 

Our Energizing Smoothie Recipe!

Looking for the perfect smoothie recipe for energy? Try our best recipe below!

Smoothie For Energy Recipe

BEST Smoothie For Energy Recipe

Our lives are so busy, we are always in need of energy, so this is where you may want to drink a smoothie for energy.
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 376 kcal



  • 1 cup/150g of frozen strawberries
  • 1 whole small orange peeled and seeds removed
  • 1 medium-sized banana peeled
  • 1 tbsp almond butter unsweetened
  • 200 ml almond milk unsweetened
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds


  • Add all the ingredients to your blender jug.
  • Process until completely smooth. For about 2-3 minutes.
  • Serve and enjoy!



Best consumed straight away.


There is good news, if you don't have some of the ingredients shown on the list above, here are some other ingredients you can use instead:
  • Use any dairy-free milk of choice, doesn't have to be almond.
  • Use peanut butter instead of almond butter
  • If you don't like bananas use pineapple or mango instead
  • Use flaxseeds instead of chia seeds


Serving: 1servingCalcium: 513mgVitamin C: 145.7mgVitamin A: 874IUSugar: 27.2gFiber: 14.7gPotassium: 1269mgCalories: 376kcalFat: 15.5gProtein: 7.1gCarbohydrates: 54.2gIron: 2.9mg
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Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


What Are The Healthiest Things To Put In A Smoothie?

Fruits are a great choice, however, green smoothies are best, so put leafy greens in your smoothies, add a banana, and perhaps some seeds or nuts to get an extra bit of protein!

Do Smoothies Give You More Energy?

Oftentimes smoothies can give you more energy than a traditional breakfast due to their nutrient density!

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