What To Eat With a Smoothie [10 Best Things]

Smoothies are awesome ways to get more vitamins in your diet, as well as minerals and antioxidants. Smoothies are basically like liquid nutrition, and because it is liquid, it takes a direct course to the part of your body that needs them. 

However, we still think that one of the best parts of smoothies is how you can use them as a basis for any other meal of the day, smoothies can be a part of your lunch, dinner, breakfast, and dessert too! 

But, let’s talk about pairings. What should you be eating with a smoothie? 

What To Eat With a Smoothie

Smoothie Breakfast Pairings

Some days, you’re in a rush, or you’re just not feeling a hefty breakfast and you kind of just want a smoothie for breakfast, and that is fine. But, what should you pair it with if you do feel like having it with something else? 

If you need something else on top of a smoothie to get you going for the day, here are some tasty ideas for you to pair with your smoothie! 

#1. Fruit Salad

We want to focus on healthier options. Fruit salad actually works well as a breakfast side, and it is in keeping with the healthy factor. Both a fruit salad and a smoothie is light, so you won’t feel bloated, but you will feel energized. 

If you want a bit extra in there, add in some nuts or granola for a touch of protein. 

#2. Granola Bar

Okay, we admit, these seem so super simple, but it is a wonderful contrast. A smoothie will be creamy and soft, while a granola bar can be crunchy and protein hefty. It grants you an ideal breakfast experience. 

You could work this into almost any meal as well, simply choose savory or sweet options for the granola bar to match your smoothie. So, if you have a sweet smoothie, your granola bar should be more savory with seeds, nuts, and maybe some dried fruits for that perfect contrast. 

#3. Oatmeal & Fruit

What To Eat With a Smoothie

If you want something heftier than a smoothie on its own, oats are ideal. Oats have a very specific texture and taste which are certain to add some variety to your routine. 

If you wanted to make your breakfast intriguing, because, if we are honest, plain oatmeal is so dull, adding some fruit to it really does spruce things up a bit.

Let’s not forget that there are so many oat types, with rolled oats, barley, and steel-cut oats. So, you should try to pick out the right type for your smoothie pairing. Steel-cut oats do better in liquid than rolled oats, but barley is great when cooked with milk, making it creamy.

Smoothie Lunch Pairings

You can also have a smoothie for lunch, but if you do, what should you have with it? Here are some ideas! 

#1. Tater Tots

Tater tots can fill you up without filling you ‘out’, they are just salt and carbs. 

Alternating between tater tots and a smoothie will give your stomach something to do while you enjoy the smoothie, stopping it from feeling like it’s got full of nothing. 

#2. Salad

Salad is always an awesome option. You can go green, go fruit, or even go Cesar. Whatever you choose will compliment your smoothie perfectly we are sure. Add some protein with fish, chicken, nuts, or seeds. 

It can make it feel fancy and more nutritious and gives you something to munch on while you enjoy the benefits of your smoothie. 

#3. Trail Mix

You would not think it straight away, but trail mix can be a great addition to a smoothie. It is essentially like lunch and dessert all mashed up into one, as a trail mix is both salty and sweet. You could make your own, or buy pre-made trail mix. Just ensure you read the ingredients if you have an allergy.

#4. Crackers

Sometimes less is more, crackers may not seem like they go with a smoothie, but they do add some crunch to your lunch, and they help you feel like you are having a full meal as well! First, ensure that they are light in taste so they do not overpower your smoothie! 

Smoothie Dinner Pairings

What To Eat With a Smoothie

You might not think so, but you can have a smoothie for dinner too. It can be a healthy way to have a fast dinner, but dinner should be a large meal, so what can you have with it?

#1. Baked Potato With Toppings

Baked potatoes are always a good way to go. They are easy and fast to make, and they provide you with a balance of protein and carbohydrates to add a little something more to the nutrition you get from your smoothie. 

Mix up the toppings though! 

#2. Pasta With Sauce


Pasta with a nice sauce is a great dinner even without a smoothie, but this can work well as a light but filling dish. You can easily make it as a large batch and freeze some so that you can customize it and have an easy meal for other days. 

#3. Chili

Chili is the ideal accompaniment to a smoothie as it has flavors and textures. You can have a hearty flavor of meat and beans, the tomatoes give it an extra zesty kick, and the gentle spice provides it with a nice contrast and unique flavor.


Can You Have A Smoothie With A Meal?

You can easily have a smoothie with any meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make it accordingly with the right ingredients and it can be suitable for any meal.

What Goes With A Smoothie For Lunch?

There are plenty of things you can have with a smoothie for lunch. Soup, salad, tater tots, pizza, pretzels with a cheese dip, hummus, and carrots/ pita, are all good options.

Is A Smoothie A Meal Or A Snack?

A smoothie can be a snack or a meal, it all depends on what you put in it.

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