How To Make Smoothies Less Thick: Pro Tips

Smoothies come in all variations, thick, thin, in bright colors and so many other variations! That is why we love them.

But, making the perfect smoothie is almost like art.

Smoothies can end up too thin and end up lacking in nutrition, or too thick that they have a texture more like ice cream. 

If your smoothies are always coming out too thick, how can you fix it?

That is what I am going to answer today. Keep reading and find out how to thin your smoothies out! 

How To Make Smoothies Less Thick

Should Smoothies Be Thick Or Thin?

Smoothies should be smooth. They should also be thin enough to drink but not so thin that they have the texture of a juice. 

Smoothies need to be the perfect balance between solids and liquids to make the ideal consistency. 

If a smoothie is coming out thick, and it does not pour out of your blender easily, then it is too thick. 

If a smoothie is pouring out of your blender too quickly it may be too thin. 

A smoothie should not be thick or thin, it should be just in-between, the sweet spot. 

Many smoothies are drank through a straw, so, ideally you want it to be at least thin enough that you can drink it through a straw without it getting stuck. 

That being said, smoothie bowls should be thick, these have a much thicker consistency. Some can even be similar to yogurt in consistency. 

A lot of choice around thickness for smoothies is personal preference and ease of consumption. So, the bottom line is that it is up to you. 

How To Make Smoothies Less Thick

woman adding liquid to a blender to thin smoothie

There are several ways you can make a smoothie thinner if it is coming out too thick. 

The obvious choice is to add more of a base, such as water or liquid of choice. 

Water is the easiest base to add to thin your smoothies. 

Yet, there are plenty of other ways you can thin a smoothie. Let’s look at some of the options. 

Add Some More Fluids

different liquid options to add in a smoothie

You can add milk, juice, tea, coconut water, and so much more to thin out smoothies.

Adding too much water can dial the flavor down, but if you add plant-based milk you can get a nice consistency and some extra nutrients such as calcium and protein! 

Juice can also work, however, be aware of the sugars in the juice, as you do not want to turn your smoothie from a healthful beverage into a sugary dessert.

Green tea is a great option to help thin your smoothie, and many green teas have antioxidants in them. 

Green tea also comes with 0 calories, like water, but has the added benefits of extra nutrition and anti-oxidant properties. 

Coconut water is great for tropical smoothies in the summer that need thinning and an extra dose of nutrition too. 

Coffee can work too, if you are replacing your morning coffee with a smoothie, adding coffee to smoothies can give you the best of both! 

Use Ingredients With High Water Content 

watery fruit

While you can add extra fluids, adding ingredients that have a high water content can help you thin a smoothie and get enough nutrients. 

You can choose fruit and vegetables such as cucumber and watermelon that will give you the water content you are looking for, while also adding fiber and other nutrients.

This adds nutrition while making your smoothies thinner.

It is also a great way to hydrate yourself too.

Swap Frozen For Fresh

frozen and fresh berries

If you often use frozen fruit in smoothies, this could be a reason that your smoothies are coming out too thick. 

Instead of using frozen fruit, choose fresh fruit. 

Fresh fruit has a higher water content which leaves smoothies much thinner than the frozen alternative.

Ensure You’re Adding Ingredients In The Right Order

There is a right way to make a smoothie and a correct order in which to add your ingredients. This is also known as smoothie layering

You should add fluid first alongside any tough ingredients you may have, such as frozen fruit or leafy greens, and blend this first, before adding the rest of your ingredients. 

If you try to blend tough ingredients without any additional fluids, the blender may struggle.

If your blender manages to blend the tough ingredients without any fluids and you do not add fluids until the end, you may end up with a very thick smoothie. 

Do not be afraid to add fluids throughout the process, and add some more at the end if it is still too thick.

adding ingredients to a blender

Try A High-Speed Blender

If all of your homemade smoothies come out thick, the issue may be your blender. 

Some cheaper blenders can make delicious smoothies, but cheaper blender don’t blend as well. 

Consistently thick smoothies could be the result of a blender that is simply not powerful enough.

Try using a high-speed blender which is designed to blend even super-tough ingredients into a smoothie mix. 

High-speed blenders are rarely cheap, but they are worth it. Check out Ninja or Vitamix blenders if you are considering investing in a high-speed blender that can give you thinner smoothies.

Main Reasons Why Smoothies Might Come Out Too Thick

thick smoothie

Five key things that may make a smoothie too thick. 

  1. You are not adding enough fluids. 
  2. Not adding ingredients in the correct order to your blender.
  3. Adding too many ice cubes.  
  4. Adding frozen fruit.
  5. Using protein powder or other thickening ingredients.

Does Blending A Smoothie Longer Make It Thinner?

The longer that you blend a smoothie, the more thoroughly your ingredients will be broken down. 

Blending for longer can result in a thinner consistency. 

Alternatively, if you blend your smoothie in several small, short bursts it can help you get a thinner smoothie. 

Do be aware that blending a smoothie for longer can also increase the amount of froth you get. 

So, while longer blending does help with consistency, it can make your smoothie frothy as well. 

How To Make Smoothies Less Thick: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Change The Consistency Of A Smoothie?

The best way to change the consistency of a smoothie is to monitor ingredients. If your smoothie is too thin, add more fibrous/solid ingredients. If it is too thick, add more fluids.

How Do You Make Smoothies Less Solid?

In order to make a smoothie thinner, add more base liquids, such as water, milk, juice, tea, or even coffee

Does Ice Thicken Or Thin A Smoothie?

Ice can thicken smoothies due to it not being in liquid form, which is why it's more likely to thicken a smoothie than thin it.

How Do You Thin A Protein Smoothie?

The best way to thin a protein smoothie is to add more fluids. Make sure you are adding enough fluid for the amount of protein powder in your smoothie.

Why Did My Smoothie Turn Into Gel?

Chia seeds and pectin based fruit and vegetables are the primary reason behind a gelled smoothie. Avoid using them, or reduce the amount if this happens. Also, consider soaking your chia seeds before you add them to your smoothie.

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