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High Fiber Smoothie For Constipation

Try this high fiber smoothie for constipation if you are looking for a natural remedy against constipation. 

Finding natural solutions for conditions such as constipation can be a much better and healthier alternative to pills such as laxatives.

Laxatives can also damage our gut health, especially if consumed over a long period of time.

This is why opting for natural remedies, or simply improving your diet is the best remedy for constipation.

High Fiber Smoothie For Constipation

What Smoothies Relieve Constipation?

There isn’t necessarily a type of smoothie that helps constipation. A smoothie that is made with the right ingredients is a smoothie that can help with constipation.

Smoothies made with high-fiber ingredients are the best smoothies for constipation relief.

Some high fiber smoothies include:

Remember, you can customize any smoothie type you like to have enough fiber, it all comes down to the ingredient selection.

What Can I Add to Smoothies For Extra Fiber?

If you are wondering how to add fiber to smoothies, the answer is, it’s actually quite easy.

The good thing about smoothies is they are often made with fruit and vegetables, which are naturally high in fiber.

However, there are some fruit and veggies that contain more fiber than others, which work really well in smoothies.
Here’s the list in that order:

  • Raspberries
  • Mangoes
  • Persimmon
  • Apples
  • Pear
  • Avocado
  • Leafy Greens Such as Spinach

As for other ingredients that are not fruit or vegetables, you can add chia seeds, flaxseeds, and nut butter.

High Fiber Smoothie For Constipation

Benefits of High Fiber Smoothies

Do smoothies make you poop? Yes, smoothies can help you poop, which is one of the best benefits of drinking high fiber smoothies.

But fiber doesn’t just help you poop and relieve constipation, fiber does so much more. So, here’s a list of the benefits of drinking fiber smoothies:

  • Cholesterol Levels.
  • May Aid In Normalization Of Blood Sugar Levels
  • May Aid In Weight Loss
  • Debloats
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Feeds Your Gut With Good Bacteria

And these are just some of the benefits. Increasing your fiber intake is a step forward to a healthier lifestyle. 

According to the American Society Of Nutrition, only 7% of adults meet the daily recommended fiber consumption. 

Fiber Smoothie Ingredients

Choosing the right ingredients, and selecting the right amount is crucial, for not only getting the right amount of fiber you need but also for taste.

So here are the ingredients you will need to make this high fiber avocado smoothie:

#1. Apple


The type of apple you decide to use really doesn’t matter, but the most important thing you need to do is leave the skin unpeeled.

The skin contains fiber, so when you peel apples or other fruit such as pears, you remove some of the fiber.

#2. Avocado


Avocados are high in fiber. Half an avocado contains 6.7g of fiber. When you combine it with other high fiber ingredients, which we have used in this smoothie, the total amount of fiber really adds up.

Apart from providing extra fiber to your smoothie, avocado also helps thicken and make your smoothie creamier.

#3. Spinach


Spinach is a great leafy green to add to smoothies. But, of course, spinach is also high in fiber.

But fiber isn’t the only thing spinach has to offer, it offers so many other benefits, such as vitamins.

#4. Almond Butter

Almond Butter

Almond butter makes your smoothies more filling, but also adds a dose of fiber and healthy fats.

Make sure you purchase quality nut butter though. preferably nut butters made with 100% nuts, and contains no added sugars or oils.

#5. Almond Milk

Almond Milk

Almond milk also contains fiber, but it’s also a great liquid that works well with the ingredients I have selected for this protein fiber smoothie recipe.

Just like almond butter, make sure you use unsweetened almond milk, preferably made with 2 ingredients only; almonds and water.

#6. Dates


Dried fruit, especially dates are fibrous, but they are also naturally sweet, which is a great way to keep your smoothies healthy and sweet at the same time.

Making The High Fiber Smoothie For Constipation

Now that you have your list of ingredients you need to make this high fiber smoothie for constipation , what you need to do now, is prepare your ingredients.

After that’s done, add them all to a high-speed blender, and blend until smooth!

For even more fiber, you can consider adding Metamucil to smoothies too. One teaspoon of Metamucil powder contains 3g of fiber!

(Full recipe breakdown can be found below in the recipe card).

Storing The Smoothie

If you make a big batch of this high fiber drink, then you will need to store it properly to last longer.

To do that, pour the leftovers into an air-tight container or a water bottle, and close it tightly.
Store in the fridge, and consume it within 2-3 days.

Make sure you shake it before you drink it!

High Fiber Smoothie For Constipation

High Fiber Smoothie For Constipation

Relieve constipation naturally with this high fiber smoothie. Enjoy a delicious blend packed with fiber for better digestion.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 334 kcal



  • 1/2 large apple cored and diced
  • 1/3 avocado pitted and peeled
  • 1 handful of spinach washed
  • 2 pitted dates
  • 1 tbsp almond butter unsweetened
  • 250 ml Almond milk unsweetened


  • Prepare the ingredients as instructed.
  • Add all the ingredients to a high-speed blender and blitz until smooth. For about 4-5 minutes.
  • Serve and enjoy!



Best consumed straight away, however, you can take it with you and drink it on the go!


Serving: 1servingCalcium: 371mgVitamin C: 26.6mgVitamin A: 1847IUSugar: 22.1gFiber: 13.2gPotassium: 923mgCalories: 334kcalFat: 20.1gProtein: 6.5gCarbohydrates: 34.6gIron: 2.6mg
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