Here’s How Long Does Smoothie Last Unrefrigerated

We’ve all been there, right? You’ve made a killer smoothie, but you kind of went overboard by accident and now you have made way too much.

Can you store smoothies? But what if you forget about it? Maybe you get distracted as you’re about to put the smoothie in the fridge and just totally forget. 

Will your smoothie be okay if you remember that it is there in a couple of hours? 

How Long Does Smoothie Last Unrefrigerated

We’ve all been there, don’t worry, just been so busy with our day that we forgot about the smoothie we just made, but it’s not the end of the world, your smoothie should be okay if you only left it out for a couple of hours. 

But, how long will it last, and what factors play into its longevity? Let’s tell you all about it! 

How Long Does Smoothie Last Unrefrigerated?

We know that if you leave your smoothie in the fridge it should last around 24 hours or so, depending on the ingredients you put in it. but what if it is out of the fridge, sitting on your countertop? 

Well, if this is the case, your smoothie may last around 4 hours or so. 

We would state that the maximum amount of time for a smoothie to go unrefrigerated would be 4 hours. This does mean that if you are going out and want to take a smoothie with you it should be okay for the next 4 hours or so after it has been made. 

What Smoothie Lasts The Longest Unrefrigerated?

It depends on what you put in your smoothie. Smoothies that contain dairy, such as milk or yogurt will go bad faster than others.

A water-based smoothie made with green leafy vegetables or citrus-based fruits is likely to last the longest. 

Consider the ingredients, and which ingredients last the longest when unrefrigerated, if they last a long time unrefrigerated then the smoothie should be okay for 4 hours.

However, if you have made a banana smoothie with milk, yogurt, and strawberries, it is likely to go bad faster. 

How Long Does Smoothie Last Unrefrigerated

Some Smoothies May Separate

If left for too long as well (depending on the ingredients) this does not always mean they are bad, if they have only been left for 30 minutes, they may just need a good stir.

We would say that the best smoothie to accidentally leave out unrefrigerated would be a green water-based smoothie, with no dairy in it!

Is It Safe To Drink An Unrefrigerated Smoothie?

woman drinking a smoothie

Well, that does depend again, doesn’t it? It depends on what is in the smoothie. For example, there is a difference between a yogurt-based banana and berry smoothie out on the counter for 6 hours, and a spinach and apple water-based smoothie left out for 4 hours. 

Consider your ingredients and if they are perishables, which most are. Consider how long you would be able to leave them out of the fridge normally.

For example, milk should not sit out any longer than 2 hours, so, if your milk-based smoothie has been out for 3 or 4 hours, it is probably best to throw it out just to be safe.

However, some plant-based milk products do not need refrigeration until after they have been opened, some of these are okay if they are at room temperature for a little longer. 

Also, with many fruits and vegetables, once they have been cut or peeled, fresh produce items should be refrigerated within 2 hours.

If any fruits or vegetables are left for any longer than this after preparation they should be thrown away, this is to prevent any food-borne illnesses and bacteria. Some fruits are also very easily affected by oxidization as well. 

It is best food practice to treat your smoothies as you treat the ingredients in your smoothies, if the ingredients in your smoothies will not last out on their own for longer than a couple of hours then your smoothie won’t either. 

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Can You Refrigerate A Smoothie That Has Been Sat On The Counter For A Few Hours?

If you intentionally leave the smoothie out, or by a mistake, keep it covered tightly with a lid to prevent bacteria from entering it. If you then decide to refrigerate it after 2-3 hours, this should be fine. Yet, if you have not covered it, then it is best to avoid refrigerating it afterward, as it has already been exposed to bacteria. 

The best thing to do is simply cover it with a lid or refrigerate it ASAP!

If you make a smoothie that you plan on drinking later, it is best to put it in the refrigerator and enjoy it within a few hours, or if it is a pre-made smoothie, it will probably last a couple of days.

However, if you have left the smoothie out on the counter for a few hours, think about this differently. 


How Long Do Bolthouse Smoothies Last Unrefrigerated?

Bolthouse Smoothies need to be refrigerated, they need to be below 41 degrees at all times, therefore they should only be out of refrigeration before consumption, or as you take them home from the store.

Do Innocent Smoothies Need To Be Refrigerated?

Innocent smoothies also need refrigeration, like any other smoothies. They need to be kept below 41 degrees at all times to preserve them. If not, they should be consumed within a few hours or thrown away.

How Do You Keep A Smoothie Cold Without A Fridge?

If you do not have a fridge available, a smoothie can be kept cold by putting it in a cooler or a thermos. Insulated thermos’ or cups can help to keep the cool in and prevent your smoothie from heating up so fast. Many smoothie cups now have this feature to allow people who make fresh smoothies to be able to enjoy them without the worry of them going bad too fast!

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