The Sweetest Figs Listed

Figs are well known to have gorgeous and Jim-like flesh with very bright exteriors. They are a tropical treat worth savoring. However, there are so many available, and most of us are a bit befuddled by which ones we should really be choosing.

Figs are enjoyed in many different forms. You can have fig smoothies, and fig desserts, or just eat them on their own as a snack.

Are all types of figs identical in sweetness? Is one the best? Is there a fig of choice that works best in baked goods, smoothies, and fruit bowls? So much choice. 

If this sounds like you. If you are seconds away from having a mental breakdown about which fig you should choose, do not worry… We have all the information you will ever need about figs!

Sweetest Figs

Which Is The Sweetest Fig?

Straight to the point, black mission figs are the sweetest figs there are, they are followed close behind by Brown turkey and calimyrna. 

Black mission figs are narrow on the top and wide at the bottom, making them look a lot like water droplets. These are actually the most common of all figs, they have a dark purple exterior, and a light pink inside. 

But, would you believe that there are actually 6 types of figs that are grown and sold across the world? No matter which fig you decide to pick, they are all still great fruits and they taste amazing! 

What Are The Varieties Of Figs?

You will often find the sweetest figs, black mission figs, in your local supermarket, as these are the most common fig, however, you should always keep an eye out for the others as well. 

It is worth branching out and trying new types of figs when you have the opportunity to do so! 

Black Mission

Sweetest Figs

Black Mission figs are the sweetest figs, they are also one of the most loved types of figs across the world and most available. It started from a seedling tree and is believed to have come from somewhere on the Balearic Islands off the Spanish coast.

Its early name was Franciscana, which was first established as being the main fig of the Catholic missions, but it got its current name when it was taken down by the California fig-growing industry

These figs are not big and are actually rather small with pink flesh. Inside there are loads of tiny seeds which makes it a delicious crunch to its texture. Figs that are ripe will also have a sticky, jammy texture. 

Fruits left on the tree for too long will often look dried like prunes and will be a bit over-sweetened. 

Brown Turkey

The origins of this fig date back to the 1700s and went to England from Italy, it is another popular fig and is also one of the largest you will get. It has maple brown skin, and a pear-shaped body, and can be found worldwide.

Many brown figs which are harvested before the season will be stiff and hard, producing a full flavor, which is really a shame. However, the ones that gain their full flavor have tender skin which can be bruised to show off their velvety, soft insides. It is a very juicy fruit and is heavy and sweet. 


This delicious fig came from Turkey and is the version you will most often see dried. They are large and when they are ripe are quite heavy too, high in sugars, and will ooze sap when the skin breaks. 

These figs are unique as they have a bitterness to their taste, but they also have a jam, honey, and almost butterscotch taste to them. If you go to the store and find a semi-ripe Calimyrna fig you should grill it. 

Why? Well, grilling a fig like this will bring out its caramel and spicy undertones as it softens them. Once grilled they feel like blobs of jam! 


Going back a long time, these are one of the most popular green figs. Italians called them Dotatto and they were said to have been commanded by Pliny the Elder. 

These sweet figs are found a lot in California, and with their yellow-green exterior, and silky smooth flesh, it is no wonder they are popular! 


King figs are known for growing in climates that tend to have very cold winter months, as these figs are tolerant to the cold. You can find them growing in areas such as the Pacific Northwest of the United States and in other climates similar to this. They often grow on small farms around the US.

This is another fig that has a shape that resembles a water drop. Its skin, however, is green, and its flesh a deep purple.

Once fully ripened they are very tasty, however, they are far from being the sweetest fig. 


Sierra figs are a rather new variety of figs, as young as 2006. They have green skin and actually look very similar to calimyrna figs. They are green when ripe and unripe, so knowing whether they are ready to eat yet or not is quite the challenge. 

However, if you can get past their color issue, they are very large and round, so it is best to slice them in half to eat them. 

Pair these with olive oil dressing and some cheese, you won’t regret it! 

Types Of Figs

It is actually fascinating just how many types of figs there are, as most of us are only well enough acquainted with one. However, in spite of this, it is wonderful to know that the sweetest fig of all is also the most popular. 

You are already eating the sweetest fig there is, but if you want to mix it up and try something new, give the brown turkey a try, or if you are feeling daring try the sierra fig. That is if you can get past the color and manage to pick a ripe one!


Which Fig Is Tastiest?

While it is far from being the sweetest there is a variety of figs known as the Yellow Long Neck. It is fine and fresh, perfect for fig connoisseurs. However, the sweetest is the Black Mission.

Are Black Figs Sweeter Than Green Figs?

Black Mission figs are the sweetest of all figs, green figs tend not to be as sweet, but they can be very fresh.

Which Fig Tree Is The Best?

The best fig trees to grow in cooler climates include Desert King, White genoa, Corky’s Honey Delight, Excel, and the Olympian.

How Can You Tell If A Fig Is Sweet?

You can tell if a fig is sweet by touch, if it is ripe it should be soft when you squeeze it. An unripe fig will be firm.

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