The Best Strawberry Surf Rider Recipe

No matter the weather, no matter the mood, a strawberry surf rider is sure to cheer you up!
It’s not a secret that I am a big fan of Jamba Juice.

Their strawberry surf rider is my favorite though. That is why, today, I am sharing with you my own copycat recipe!

I don’t want to boast, but I think I’ve cracked it. This recipe is awesome.

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Strawberry Surf Rider Tecipe

Copycat Strawberry Surf Rider Recipe

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Recreate the beloved Strawberry Surf Rider with this copycat recipe! A refreshing blend of strawberries, peaches, lemonade, and a splash of lime, perfect for a fruity, tropical escape.

  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 1x


Units Scale
  • 1 cup of frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of frozen peaches
  • 1 cup of lemonade
  • 1 cup lime or lemon sherbet
  • 2 cubes of ice
  • Zest of lime (optional)


  1. If you haven’t already got frozen fruit – then you will need to wash, dice, pit your peaches.
    Add them in a freezer bag, or on a flat tray and freeze them for a minimum of 2 hours.
  2. Once the frozen fruit is ready, add all the ingredients listed to a food processor or a powerful blender, and blitz until a pourable thick icy consistency.
  3. Serve and enjoy!


The smoothie is best consumed straight away.

  • Author: Ella Waterworth
  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 minutes
  • Category: Drinks, Smoothie
  • Cuisine: American
  • Diet: Vegetarian


  • Serving Size: 1 smoothie
  • Calories: 403
  • Sugar: 40.5g
  • Fat: 5.4g
  • Carbohydrates: 66.3g
  • Fiber: 8.2g
  • Protein: 3.4g

Why You Will Love This Copycat Jamba Strawberry Surf Rider Smoothie

Strawberry Surf Rider Tecipe

This strawberry peach smoothie copycat of the famous Jamba Juice is so easy to make, and of course, so much cheaper too!

There are so many reasons why I think you will love this copycat smoothie as much as me!

  • Refreshing Taste: The combination of tart lemonade, sweet strawberries, and peaches, along with the tangy lemon sherbet, creates an irresistibly refreshing beverage that’s perfect for cooling down on a hot day or revitalizing your senses at any time.
  • Perfect Balance of Sweet and Tart: The sweet flavors of the strawberries and peaches perfectly balance the tartness of the lemonade and sherbet, offering a delightful taste experience that caters to a wide range of palates.
  • Unique Twist with Sherbet: The inclusion of lime or lemon sherbet not only adds a creamy texture but also introduces a unique twist to the traditional smoothie, setting it apart from other fruit-based drinks.
  • Easy and Quick to Make: This simple recipe requires just a few ingredients and a blender, making it an excellent option for a quick treat that feels special without the need for extensive preparation.
  • Customizable: While delicious as is, the recipe can be easily customized with the addition of lime zest for an extra zing or by adjusting the proportions of fruit and sherbet to suit personal taste preferences.
  • Visually Appealing: The vibrant colors from the strawberries and peaches, combined with the creamy sherbet, make this smoothie not just a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes, especially when served with a garnish of lime zest.

If you enjoy this copycat Jamba Juice smoothie, I think you will also enjoy my copycat Naked strawberry banana smoothie, and my copycat Slim N’ Trim Veggie smoothie!

Strawberry Surf Rider Tecipe

Optional Recipe Customizations & Smoothie Notes

  • Swap Sherbet for Sorbet: For a dairy-free option, replace the lime or lemon sherbet with a lime or lemon sorbet, maintaining the tartness while catering to dairy-free diets.
  • Vary the Citrus: Experiment with different types of lemonade or even add a splash of orange juice for a different citrus note.
  • Enhance the Creaminess: For a creamier texture without the dairy, add a scoop of coconut milk ice cream instead of sherbet.
  • Boost the Flavor: Introduce fresh mint leaves or a dash of vanilla extract to add depth to the flavor profile.
  • Increase the Frostiness: Add more ice cubes for an even frostier texture, perfect for hotter days.
  • Incorporate Protein: Blend in a scoop of your favorite unflavored or vanilla protein powder to make this smoothie more filling and nutritious, ideal for a post-workout snack.

Smoothie Tips:

  • Use High-Quality Fruit: Choose high-quality frozen strawberries and peaches for the best flavor and sweetness.
  • Chill the Lemonade: Ensure your lemonade is cold before blending to keep the smoothie refreshingly cool.
  • Adjust Sweetness: Taste your smoothie during the blending process and adjust the sweetness if needed. You can add a little honey or simple syrup if it’s too tart.
  • Blend Until Smooth: Blend thoroughly to ensure the ice cubes are completely crushed and the mixture is smooth, avoiding any chunky bits for a consistent texture.
  • Serve Immediately: For the best texture and taste, serve the smoothie immediately after blending.
  • Garnish: Enhance the presentation and flavor with a garnish of lime zest or a slice of lime on the rim of the glass.

Blender Compatability

Blender Type Suitability
Nutribullet 600
Vitamix Blender Propel 510
BlendJet 4000mAh x
Ninja Blender BL610
Oster 6640 Blender x
Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender x
AMZChef Blender 1800 W
Wamife Blender x

Since the smoothie is very thick and has very little liquid, you will require a very powerful blender to make this smoothie.

However, a lower-budget blender that works perfectly for this recipe is the Nutribullet 600.

Ella Waterworth
Ella Waterworth

Founder & Recipe Developer at Smoothies N Cookies

Ella Waterworth is the founder of Smoothies N Cookies and she is a professional smoothie recipe creator. She gained extensive knowledge of creating smoothies by working for Smoothie King for several years.

Articles: 582

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