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10 Detox Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

If you are on a journey to improving your health and losing weight, then you might just find our detox smoothie recipes for weight loss extremely useful!

Me and my partner were on a vacation recently and ended up eating too much, mostly processed food. 

So, we went on a full week of detox and weight loss smoothie cleanse, with the detox smoothie recipes for weight loss we are sharing with you today.

We successfully lost 4.4 pounds, well, I lost 4.6 pounds, and my partner lost 4.4. I was a bit more strict than he was!

So, now that we have tested the recipes, and we know they work, we wanted to share them with you all.

Detox Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Does a Detox Smoothie Help You Lose Weight?

Detox smoothies contain an abundance of nutrients, and are relatively low in calories, making them an excellent food choice for weight loss.

Utilizing detox smoothies in your diet will only benefit you, whether you are trying to lose weight, or improve your health.

One thing to keep in mind though, is to always be wary if you are buying pre-made detox smoothies or diet smoothies. 

A lot of packaged foods claim to be healthy, detoxing, and promising weight loss, but in reality, they are loaded with sugar and other processed ingredients.

So, always read the ingredients list carefully, or best, just make your own detoxing smoothies for weight loss at home!

Detox Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Can Detoxing Make You Lose Belly Fat?

Detox smoothies can aid belly fat loss by boosting your metabolism, and helping you achieve a calorific deficit.

Unfortunately, you can’t target weight loss in certain areas as Healthline states, targeted weight loss has not had enough studies to prove that it’s possible.

However, detox smoothies can reduce the appearance of a fat belly, since detox smoothies help reduce bloating, which can make your tummy appear flatter.

Other Benefits of Detox Smoothies

Apart from weight loss and detox, there are so many other benefits detox smoothies have to offer.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of drinking detox smoothies:

  • Increases Nutrient Intake: the mix of leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit often used in detox smoothies will help you meet your daily nutrient requirements.
  • Provides Hydration: they are an excellent way to stay hydrated, as they are primarily made with water or other hydrating liquids, as well as watery fruit and vegetables.
  • Supports Digestion: the fiber content in the smoothies aids in digestion and can help prevent constipation.
  • Increased Energy Levels: the natural sugars present in fruits and vegetables provide a quick energy boost, without the crash that comes with processed sugars.
  • Boosts The Immune System: the high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in detox smoothies can strengthen the immune system.
  • Keeps Your Skin Healthy: the vitamins and antioxidants promote healthy skin by reducing inflammation and protecting against oxidative damage.
  • Helps De-Bloating: the high fiber content in detox smoothies can alleviate bloating and discomfort.
  • Curbs Cravings: detox smoothies can help satisfy cravings for sweets or unhealthy snacks, making them a great tool for weight management.

As you can see, detox smoothies have so much more to offer, than just weight loss and detox. 

Even if you are not trying to lose weight, drinking detox smoothies a couple of times a week can only benefit your overall health, in so many ways.

green smoothie

Our Best Detox Smoothies For Weight Loss

When it came to creating our detox smoothie recipes, we spent hours researching the best ingredients that can help detox and weight loss.

With that information, we created tasty detox smoothies, which we then personally tested, and saw incredible results.

We hope you like these recipes, and do let us know if you see the results you are hoping for! 

#1. Detox Mango Ginger Smoothie

Mango Ginger Smoothie

Mango Ginger Smoothie [Ultra-Detoxing]

If you are looking for a detoxing smoothie, this mango ginger smoothie is exactly what you need! it's fresh, delicious and so good for you.
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Smoothie
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 233 kcal



  • 1/2 cup/75g fresh mango
  • 1 large banana peeled
  • 1/3 tsp minced ginger root
  • 1 handful of spinach washed
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric
  • Pinch of black pepper to enhance the turmeric's benefits
  • 1/2 lime juiced
  • 200 ml plain water or coconut water


  • Add all the ingredients to your blender jug.
  • Process until completely smooth. For about 2-3 minutes.
  • Serve and enjoy!


Best consumed straight away.


Just in case you need to make some substitutions for whatever reason, here are some options:
  • If you don't have coconut water or struggle to find it, use dairy-free milk instead or plain water
  • Use kale instead of spinach
  • If you don't have fresh ginger root, use 1/5 tsp powdered ginger
  • If you don't like bananas use pineapple instead
  • Use flaxseeds instead of chia seeds


Serving: 1servingCalcium: 176mgVitamin C: 90mgVitamin A: 3200IUSugar: 30gFiber: 10gPotassium: 1300mgCalories: 233kcalFat: 4.1gProtein: 6gCarbohydrates: 46gIron: 2.5mg
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Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

This is our favorite detox smoothie recipe. The reason why we love it is because it just tastes so fresh and delicious.

It’s difficult to make a healthy smoothie that also tastes good. But this, mango and spinach smoothie, has it all!

#2. Detox And Weight Loss Kale Apple Smoothie

The combinations between kale and apple only create one thing, a superfood smoothie, supercharged with nutrients.

Being packed with nutrients isn’t the only thing you get from this smoothie. The smoothie tastes fresh, and has a gentle heat coming from it, thanks to the ginger.

So, just like the above recipe we shared with you, this smoothie has it all, benefits and a great taste!

#3. Detox Immune Boosting Ginger Pear Smoothie

If you have never made a smoothie with pear before, you have to make this immune-boosting smoothie with ginger and pear.

This smoothie is particularly good during the fall season, during the time when the weather gets cold, and colds and flu are around.

Getting rid of toxins and boosting your immune system is going to help you tremendously in avoiding the flu this year.

#4. Detox Smoothie With Cilantro

We admit that cilantro is not for everyone. So if you dislike cilantro, please skip this recipe.

However, if you love cilantro, then this recipe is every cilantro lover’s dream.

Cilantro if you didn’t know has tons of health benefits. One of those is detoxing.

Try this cilantro smoothie and you will instantly notice the benefits!

#5. Cucumber Pineapple Detox Smoothie

This smoothie is not only detoxing and low-calorie, but it’s also hydrating and refreshing. It’s almost like drinking a mocktail.

if you have never tried a combination of cucumber and pineapple, you have to do so ASAP. 

Pineapple and cucumber work incredibly well together.

#6. Detox Grapefruit Strawberry Smoothie

This is a fat-burning smoothie that tastes incredible and fresh, and it will also help the detoxification of your body.

All you need is 5 simple clean and healthy ingredients to make this smoothie.

It’s particularly good on a hot day, served with iced cubes!

#7. Raw Green Detox Smoothie

Green smoothies are probably the most common detox and weight loss smoothies. 

They are easy to make and are typically the lowest-calorie smoothie out there, which is ideal for weight loss.

This green smoothie is thick, creamy, and perfect for breakfast, or any time of the day really.

#8. Pink Power Detox Smoothie

This smoothie isn’t just visually appealing, it’s also packed with nutrients and is especially good for people who loved sweet smoothies.

The smoothie is totally vegan-friendly too, and dairy free. 

#9. Green Apple Detox Smoothie

This is an ultra-green smoothie, that contains aromatic mint, and many other fresh and delicious ingredients.

Green apples have numerous health benefits, but they are widely used for detoxing and weight loss.

This is probably one of the most nutrient-packed green smoothies we have ever created. We urge you to try it!

#10. Detox Ginger And Lemon Smoothie

Lemon and ginger are two very powerful detoxing ingredients. 
Ginger also helps boost the metabolism, as for lemon, it aids the detoxification process in your body and also aids digestion.

This smoothie has a combination of ginger, lemon, and honey, which will also support your immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are 3 Signs You Need To Detox?

If you experience regular fatigue and fogginess, digestive issues and any skin issues, then it's time for you to detox.

What Can I Use To Detox At Home?

One of the best ways to detox at home, is by making homemade detox smoothies. Other ways include improving your diet, cooking more homemade meals and cutting down on processed food. You can also try drinking lemon and honey water with a couple of slices of ginger in it.

How Do You Detox Your Gut And Bloat?

The first thing you need to rule out is any potential intolerances you may have to certain foods. Once you have done that, try drinking detox smoothies, and more water throughout the day. Avoid eating big meals, so try eating smaller meals throughout the day.

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